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Life makes sense. 
It’s not just random suffering.  There is Divine Intelligence at work.

Elizabeth Wilde

Intuitive Medium/Healing Touch Certified Practitioner


What’s the difference between a Psychic and a Medium?

How Long has the other side been talking to you?

How Long have you been Reading?

What’s it like to commune with the dead?


Does the gift of Mediumship run in the family?

How did you become a Medium?

Do you see dead people?

Do the departed sing?


Who was the first person you saw?

Are they still communicating with you?

Why did you name your dead ancestors, "Sky People"?


How do you conduct a reading?

Have you ever had a client you wouldn’t read for?

How did you know that being an Intuitive Medium would be the right path for you?

Who comes to you for a session?

Do more women come for a session than men?

Is there a difference in the kinds of questions men ask as opposed to women?

Are there any questions a client shouldn’t ask a Medium?

Do you have any preparatory tips for a client’s first session? 

What are the most common questions clients ask?

Is there a way to better ask a question?

What are some misconceptions about Mediums?

Do you go to a Medium?


Can anyone be a Psychic?

Can anyone be a Medium?

Any tips for getting into the field?

Can anyone be a Healing Touch Practitioner?

What was your first energy healing experience like?

How do you balance being an Intuitive Medium with being a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner?

How did you get involved with the book compilation, THE LAST BREATH?

Why did you choose to share the story you did in the book?

Do you have any favorite stories you'd like to tell?

Has THE LAST BREATH changed your life?

Did being part of THE LAST BREATH bring you any surprises?

Any plans for your own book?


Asheville, North Carolina USA, surrounding areas and worldwide via Zoom and telephone.

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