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I am thrilled with the
information that came
across. THRILLED! Elizabeth is an excellent medium.
- Leslie S.

Elizabeth Wilde

Intuitive Medium/Healing Touch Certified Practitioner


Elizabeth Wilde is an evidence-based Medium and certified Healing Touch practitioner, living on land that has belonged to her ancestors for over a hundred years.  


Connecting with the Spirit World started in Elizabeth's childhood while on one of her many solo adventures strolling through the woods.  During one journey in particular, she remembers naming the departed, “The Sky People,” and found communicating with them as easily as conversing with the living.


As time went on and Elizabeth grew older, she realized she could help those longing to reconnect with their departed love ones through her innate ability as a Medium.  Helping others discover their Divine connections to the compassionate Intelligence of the universe is one of Elizabeth's greatest joys.


Benefits for Both the Living and for the Departed Include...

  • ​Answers

  • Closure

  • Comfort

  • Forgiveness

  • Gratitude

  • Guidance

  • Healing

  • Insight

  • Inspiration

  • Hope

  • Love

  • Motivation

  • Peace

  • Perspective

  • Realization

  • Relief

  • Support

  • Understanding


It’s said you are dust, and to dust you return.  But you are also Light, and to Light you return.


As an Intuitive Medium, it is my honor and responsibility to let those who desire to make contact, come through to make their needs known and to deliver their messages to the living.

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