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The Last Breath - True Stories of Mediumship, the AfterLife & Messages from Heaven

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

A new book from Franklin Rose Publishing. And I'm in it!

Conceived by entrepreneur and attorney, Alyson Gannon, Publisher/Founder of Franklin Rose Publishing and written by Mediums from around the world.

"A Captivating, enlightening, heartfelt, compassionate, honest, joyful and uplifting read. A must read for anyone wondering what happens when we die" - Angie Morris, Medium & Arthur Findlay Tutor

As a Medium and one of the authors in this book, I am delighted to share from my many experiences about bridging the gap between the living and the departed.

Love Never Dies

THE LAST BREATH recounts a global story of voices from the other side giving signs and prompting signals that we are continuously watched over, supported and guided.

For those who are grieving, and for those who are fearful of dying, THE LAST BREATH gives comfort that death is not the absolute end and supports love never dies.

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