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I received so much peace and closure from my session with Elizabeth. Everything that was said was spot-on.

- Gina W.


Elizabeth Wilde

Intuitive Medium/Healing Touch Certified Practitioner

Thank you so much! Hearing from my family was awesome beyond words. Elizabeth is an accurate and loving medium.

- Beverly I.


I felt peaceful and happy afterward. I was so happy to hear from my friend and know he is surrounded by love. Elizabeth described his personality and details no one could have known. This was a very special event to me.

- Janice B.


Wow! I am so amazed and grateful for that experience last night. Everything you said was right on the money. What a beautiful gift. Thank you again for your generosity and kindness.

- Sarah G.


At first I was dumbstruck and then I felt happy and comforted. My mother WAS named Charlene and she did win awards for her paintings and drawings across the state. It feels wonderful to know she is still watching over me and that we go on.

- Susie J.


It was so meaningful to our family. Elizabeth mentioned things in the reading that no one could have known. We were profoundly comforted.

- Barbara A.

Elizabeth used Healing Touch to support me through my knee surgery and was there for pre-op and post-op as well as sessions afterward.  My recovery was much faster as a result.  I had much less anxiety and pain throughout the process.
- A.N.
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