Elizabeth Wilde

Clients seek my guidance for all sorts of things, from career to relationships and everything in between. Each person’s needs are unique which makes everyone’s session as individualized as they are.  I come from a deep faith and divine connection with Spirit.  I want my clients to know that their lives have meaning and purpose.  I want them to know that they are seen, heard, and loved by Spirit.  And when a client comes before me, we have a 'soul-to-soul' communication.



Elizabeth Wilde is an evidence-based Intuitive Medium and Healing Touch® Certified Practitioner (the highest standard available for Healing Touch® energy workers).


Elizabeth's ideal clients are those seeking reassurance that their loved ones continue to exist. She seeks to provide comfort and peace through spiritual and emotional healing for those who employ her gifts.


For over a decade, Elizabeth has maintained a word-of-mouth practice reading for people all over the world.  Her training has been with the likes of such world class Mediums such as Andy Byng, Janet Nohavec, John Holland, and James van Praagh.


Elizabeth provides sessions for both individuals and small groups via in-person, as well as, by phone.


Individual Sessions:   $75  for 30-45 minutes

Contact me in regard to small group sessions



Elizabeth also provides a small number of pro bono appointments. For more information, contact her directly via email or phone. 


The Healing Medium

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Elias Patras
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Elias Patras
Facebook Live Stream 
November 2020


The Last Breath
a new book from  
Franklin Rose Publishing

Yes, You Are Dust and to Dust You Return. But You Are Also Light and to Light You Return.



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