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"Live Your Life Through Your Light"


Elizabeth Wilde grew up in the Appalachian Mountains on land that generations of her Celtic ancestors had had for over a hundred years. As a child she played in the woods and became aware of the voices and presence of unseen beings she called “The Sky People.” She built altars in the woods and spent lots of time in prayer as a child. She loved to write and read and draw, reading the Tarot cards and connecting with Spirit for her friends through high school and college, where she earned a degree in acting and directing. After spending time doing summer stock, she went back to school and earned a degree in teaching. She began working as an early childhood teacher and was awarded National Board Certification as a teacher for children with exceptional needs, with a focus on children with visual impairments. She continued studying mediumship, the intuitive arts, and learned Reiki and Healing Touch. She volunteered her services with veterans who had PTSD as well as with patients in nursing homes; she also spent six years providing Healing Touch for patients in a hospice setting. Most recently, she has spent the last six years as a full time caregiver for family.

Elizabeth wants the people who come to see her to know she meets them on a soul to soul level. “It is my honor and responsibility to help them see their living connections to the Divine Intelligence that governs our universe. It’s true that our bodies are dust, and to dust we return; but we are also Light, and to Light we return. 




It made me so happy to know he loves me still. Nothing can separate us.- Maria M.



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